Röchling Automotive lets GBC take the wheel

Worms / Mannheim, December 2014

The first step in the cooperation with the automotive division of the global player in manufacturing high-quality plastics was the development of a “Make to order” shop. This enables the 22 worldwide production sites and four development sites to pool their orders and, in doing so, offer particularly good prices. The shop incorporates 35 items from textiles to office products with production occurring after entry of the complete order.
In the next step, a webshop for in-stock products is planned in which GBC stores products which are required at short notice and supplies these worldwide.

The Röchling Group operates worldwide and incorporates plastics specialists with a total of 65 companies which employ 8,000 employees in 21 countries. Röchling Automotive has 22 production sites and four development sites on four continents with more than 4,200 employees.


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